Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tropical Flowers and my nifty lightbox

This project was a fusible applique block of the month project from 2006-07 at Sonflower Quilts in Sylvania, OH. Unfortunately I moved to IL shortly after the BOTM began, so I quickly fell behind. I continued to have the monthly kits mailed to me here in IL, but it took time to get my sewing room situated.

Here I am a year later finally getting around to finishing the last 5 blocks and the borders. The pattern is from Simple Pleasures by Cynthia Tomaszweski and is called Tropical Whimsy. The kits were made up mostly of colorful batiks and batik like prints and closely resembles the sample photo of the pattern.

You might have noticed the size of my light box. It is larger than two feet by three feet. This light box was made for me as a Christmas gift in 2006. The lights on the inside are made of rope light. One day I may change out the lights to an LED strand so that the top of the box does not get so warm. Then again, maybe I won't - the cat might be upset that I take away her warm lounging spot. It takes a few hours for it to get warm anyway.


Anonymous said...

great job!

Lakewood flowers

Rhonda said...

The light box is really can't have too large of a space on the box. And I love your applique block.


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