Sunday, April 20, 2008

I finally finished the tulip quilt just last week. It even has a label and a sleeve for hanging. This is my first machine quilted "masterpiece". The center was quilted on the painted black lines and then echo quilted. The fence was stitched in the ditch and stippled between the rails and picketts. The blue border was quilted in spirals to give the impression of wind. I used a fiber that I got from the local cross stitch store. It came on a card and is called Highlights. I don't remember the company that makes it. I wound the fiber onto a bobbin and quilted from the backside. I am pleased with the effect.

Some of my friends might recognize the painted center block as the work of our friend Canuck.

1 Comment:

Morbida said...

It turned out just stunning. Bravo!


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