Thursday, April 17, 2008

Check this out!

When I was at the International Quilt Festival last weekend, I was fortunate enough to meet Alex Anderson. She was at the Bernina booth chatting with friends and fans and promoting The Quilt Show. More than just an online program for quilters, the website is a full service oasis for quilting addicts. Blogs, newsletters, patterns, shopping and more! A single series is less than $25. I am told that series 1 will be available on DVD soon and Alex herself assured me that it would be at a great price!

In my few minutes with Alex, I asked her to sign my copy of her Hand Applique book and brought my version of the quilt with me to the show. It is a work in progress as I have not finished the quilting yet. I was pretty proud when Alex was surprised that it was my first hand applique project. She whipped out her camera to take a photo but I think she was out of batteries. One of the guys from Bernina was nice enough to shoot a photo and now that picture on Alex's blog! How awesome is that?

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer - How thrilling for you! Very nice and what a nice work in progress!


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