Monday, November 3, 2008

This past weekend was a bit of a bust as far as crafting went. I was not feeling well and had little energy. I did get a few rows done on my second knitted dishcloth and I have almost all of my green scraps trimmed to standard sizes. I wanted to start (and finish) a casual jacket for my mother but completely forgot to get it started. I have the fabric and the pattern, I just need to cut it out and whip it together. No buttons or zippers required for this pattern but it will be my first time making something out of slinky. I hope it is forgiving.

What did happen this weekend is that I got a new front door storm door that actually closes and seals so well that it is noticeably warmer in the house now that it has been installed. In fact, we can leave the steel door wide open and there is no draft! The nicest part of the new door is that the screen rolls up into the door when the window part is up and pulling down the storm window reveals the screen. No way kitty is going to get her claws into it and as long as we keep the screen put away when we aren't using it, it is less likely to get damaged. Bonus - there is no glass to be removed in the summer when we want to install the screen, the glass just slides down and out of the way.



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