Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not a good week for quilting

No quilting since Monday?! Pete was home most of the day on Tuesday, which is rarely conducive to quilting. I had job interviews yesterday and today. On top of that, I woke up this morning with a terrible crick in my neck so there is no quilting between now and tonight's guild meeting.

On the plus side, I got to go shopping at Pieceful Gathering today. I got three months of door prizes for guild figuring on allowing the winner to choose their prize. I plan on leaving early so that I can stop to pick up adhesive name tags for visitors too. Exciting day huh?

At least I got to go shopping on someone else's dime. The new JoAnn's ad arrive today along with my May issue of McCall's Quick Quilts too.

Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.



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