Monday, February 25, 2008

I managed to stay motivated for several hours today. I actually sat at the machine for over 2 hours and quilted all three stars and this corner of the vase of flowers quilt. I am still undecided about how exactly to deal with the quilting on the vase, but I will cross that bridge when it is absolutely necessary.

The quilting of the background is very dense. I want the figures to pop out of the quilt as well as the kitty image. The background quilting has been done with a walking foot. I invented a new way to quilt straight lines that must go point to point without marking the quilt to get the stars quilted too.

I would have quilted longer but Pete came home early today. I often quilt on a table in the middle of the living room which is great for me to watch TV while I quilt but blocks TV viewing for anyone else that might want to watch. So I take the table down every day when Pete gets home so that he can see the TV also. I am happy with this today because I am itching to do some hand sewing. I'll have to remember to post some photos of that project one of these days.

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Anonymous said...

This bit of a picture looks lovely!


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