Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kitty Lovin'

This is Tippe. Her hobbies are running around the house chasing ghosts, licking bits of fish out of tuna cans, and sleeping on the water heater. Her favorite people foods are fresh caught walleye bellies, any kind of salty chip and the milk leftover after her mommy finishes eating cereal. Her favorite toy is a little mouse with a secret catnip pouch in his belly and her favorite snack is Temptations with dental control. She is a Gemini and has been spayed but never declawed.

She is a charming, precocious, curious, cowardly, anti-social, minor calico kitty. She has one lazy, gooey eye and has a habit of blinking one eye at a time. As many cats like to do, she will climb into mommy's lap when I am using the computer and sometimes even goes so far as to sit on my forearms or push the keyboard away from me when she wants attention. She is afraid to venture very far outside but will hang out in the yard with me when I garden. I have tried to get her to play well with other pets - other cats and dogs - but she just sits in a corner and hisses at them. She never attacks, just defends. But in her defense, I got her from a friend who had rescued her from a dog mauling when she was only a few months old. She likes visitors to the house but only one or two at a time. She especially likes pizza delivery and is always curious about who that person is standing in the doorway.

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Anonymous said...

Very cute!


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