Monday, January 28, 2008

Keep on Truckin'

I finally got back to quilting that tulip quilt today. I finished the flower outlining and now I am working on echo quilting the area around the flowers. You might wonder how I am marking my quilt top. I am using a yellow Sanford Verithin pencil (sharpened to a good point) and a flexible ruler that is made for tracing off curves. I am marking the echoes one ruler width from each other. I am using a domestic electronic Kenmore machine and an open toe darning foot while free motion quilting.

I may have mentioned that I have trilobal polyester thread from Coats and Clark in my bobbin. The black thread I used for outlining was also a trilobal polyester and is from Mettler. The thread I am using in the needle for the echo quilting is a butter cream color. It is a rayon machine embroidery thread from Coats and Clark.



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