Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow! What a weekend!

On Wednesday we decided to go perch fishing in Ohio for the weekend. So Thursday I went to work and inquired about vacation time. Ya see, the boss did not know if the company was going to give us December 24 and 25 off or if we were going to get December 25 and 26 off this year. I had already requested off for December 26 (who wants to go to work the day after Christmas when Christmas is on a Thursday, right?). So I made an inquiry about the holiday plan at work. Turns out that we are being given December 24, 25 AND 26 as paid holiday time this year. Lucky me got an extra vacation day to spend all of a sudden. So, I took Friday, October 17th as a vacation day.

We left for Ohio on Friday morning, leaving the house around 9 am our time and actually getting on the road by 10 am. You know, stop for gas, get some road food, buy some beverages, etc. before hitting the highway can take an hour or so. I wanted to get to Ohio in time to visit my favorite quilt shop, Sonflower Quilts & Gifts in Sylvania, Ohio before it closed for the day. Lucky me, they were in the middle of a shop hop and were open late that day - until 6 pm!

Got to the quilt shop and oh what fun! They recently moved into a larger location in the same shopping center and what a difference it has made. There are goodies to be found in every nook and cranny. I am told they managed to move the entire store in only two days! It is nice to have great friends is all they kept saying - truly blessed.

So what did I get while I was there? I got a fat quarter for a friend. I picked up their notion of the month - a corner trimmer. Usually $5 I think I got it for $3 or $4. Actually I bought 3. The package contains a triangularish piece of acrylic and a booklet that describes how to trim corners of every kind to reduce bulk in your seams. I also found the world's greatest marking pencil. It is from Sewline and comes in yellow, white, black, pink, green, and maybe blue (not sure on the blue). It is nearly $13 for the pencil and a container of leads and an eraser, but it gives nice, strong marks that are very thin and the eraser actually erases the marks! You can purchase erasers and leads separately. I got the yellow pencil, but I know I will want more than just one! Hmm I wonder if my secret sister at guild reads my blog?

In any case, after shopping, we went to dinner and then drove out to the marina to reserve our places on the boat for the next morning. More on the trip tomorrow.



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