Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sewing Studio Remodel

My dearest readers, please accept my sincerest apologies. I know that I have not posted in quite some time. A lot of things have happened since May... vacation, new job, gardening, summertime fun... but very little sewing. I have worked on a baby quilt for a special little girl but I will save the details of that project for a future entry when the quilt is complete.

Part of what has delayed production in the sewing studio has been the utter disorganization that had taken over the room. It was imperative that I remodel and reorganize before I would be able to move forward. So I set to work designing the ideal space, made a few concessions and came to a final, affordable and functional design.

Of course the work is not finished but it is coming along. The photo above is of the 12 foot wall along the back of the room. I have to share the room with another hobbyist and the desk, but the 12 foot wall is all mine. There are 32 linear feet of shelving for fabric and books, and yes, the fabric and books take up all that space. Currently there are tables and racks for work space. Soon these will be replaced with a 2 foot by 12 foot work counter at desk height. The two paper storage towers that are on the left side of the photo will be placed on the right side of the work counter. There are five rolling carts of basket drawers that will slide under the work counter for added storage.

I have also had a large cutting island built. It is on casters and holds four more basket drawer racks. The top surface is 4 foot square. There is a very shallow shelf just below the top surface for storing cutting mats and quilting templates. The counter is 36 inches tall, just the right height for cutting without stooping.

There's still lots to do... remove boxes from the top shelf, move fabric to the top shelf, place books on the lower shelf, hang more bins on the wall, organize the cabinet. It will take some time, but it is already much better than it was. No more plastic bins for my stash!



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