Friday, March 21, 2008

Just a working schmoe

I have to apologize to my loyal readers for not posting in a number of days. I have had a very hectic two weeks. Last week I spent a good deal of time at mom and dad's house helping them with spring cleaning. We cleaned on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. I spent the night Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. Thursday night mom and I went to basket bingo at mom and dad's church (the church I attended when I grew up). It was a heck of a lot of fun even though I did not win. The idea is that you buy three cards for $20. They play 20 individual games and the winner of each game receives a Longaberger basket. They serve a free dinner of hot dogs, chips, yummy potatoes au gratin, sloppy joe, coffee, and dessert (donated bake sale type items). All the money made goes to the altar and rosary society.

Sunday, my entire extended family attended the birthday party of my great aunt (at mom and dad's house). She turned 90 yesterday. This woman is amazing. She still lives on her own, drives, does her own shopping, yard work, housekeeping, etc. and finds time to pick up a carload of ladies younger than her every day on her way to church. Happy Birthday Aunt Lucy!

Monday I started a new job. I hate it. Enough said.

The only advantage of this new job is that I get scheduled, paid breaks in addition to a 30 minute unpaid lunch. This gives me plenty of time to do handwork. I have become a bit of a spectacle in the lunchroom. But look at all I have gotten done! I particularly like the sequin flowers and I think I am going to like the sequin paisley.


Eve said...

Gorgeous beading!!

Adrian said...

You go girl! Beading at work is a fine thing to do and I'm sure those who watch are just jealous!

Anonymous said...

thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! it's amazing how many people visit blogs-even regularly- and never leave a comment!
i always feel that i get a little something from visiting a blog so i need to leave a little something in return...
i've been curious about the bloggers who embellish group and am amazed at some of the work i've seen!
this piece is great- i'm inspired to so a little something embellished with some of my makiage .

Lisa Souza in Jericho, Vermont said...

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for your comment on my Sunbonnet Sue. She was a conglomeration and an aberration, but she ended up being fun to make.

I love the beading on this post. Who have you had classes with? Anyone?

I like snow, but even the most diehard skiers I know are DONE with winter this year. It is Easter and I am looking out our back window at 1-2 ft of snow that is frozen so solid I can walk on top of it without snowshoes (I am not a light weight.) The mountain view in back is really pretty though. I'm working on a landscape featuring Mt Mansfield right now.

What type of scientist are you?


Jennifer said...

I have not taken any classes in beading. The piece seen in the original post here is my first attempt. I am self taught, as is the case with most of the arts and crafts that I do. I check out books from the library, flip through them, give it a try, and if that doesn't work, I go back and actually READ the books cover to cover. In this case, I looked at the pictures, read the captions and was set to go.

I love snow and thought I was done with it for the year too, but we got a last hurrah on Friday - a bonus 9 inches while I was at work (I am a biochemist). I actually enjoyed shoveling the driveway for one last time, I hope.

Emmy said...

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Jo Anne O. said...

This is a beautiful piece!

Thanks for dropping over and leaving a comment on my blog!

Jennie said...

Jen, thanks SO much for the demp last night! I am totally inspired! I've bookmarked your blog- mine is We'll miss seeing you at meetings! I do hope you'll make it to bees and sew-ins, though.


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