Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm stuck

I finally finished the stitch in the ditch for the main portion of the applique quilt. Every aspect of the applique was quilted with matching thread. I also quilted the interior of the pieced border with monofilament thread. Besides the monofilament, all the thread used for quilting is trilobal polyester. The kitty face was quilted with thread that blends with the background.

Now I have reached an impass. I want this quilt to look like a window such that the observer is looking in on a room that has a table with a vase of flowers and a kitty peering over the table. The problem is suggesting the window without being overt. I want to quilt in window panes and a window frame. I'd like the lower border to appear to be a flower box from which the vines emerge. I envision quilting shutters into the side borders and I am going to use monofilament to quilt in another vine to twist in with the vine that already exists.

The question is, how to do all of this. The shutters are simple parallel, horizontal lines, the vines are just as simple. The window panes are fairly easy too (just four panes so just four lines - two each through the center both horizontal and vertical. The flower box idea is a little more difficult. And then there is the question of what type and color of thread to use for all of this. All monofilament? I thought of using a color that somewhat matches the background but a little darker for the shutters and quilting up to but not over the berries, vines or leaves of the outer border.

I want to let the inner border to appear to be the window pane but then what pattern to quilt it in?

So many questions, does anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and notice that Tippe is taking particular interest in this quilt now that her image is a part of it.

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swooze said...

Hey Jenni...if you go back to my post there is a link there. Click on it and you will see the original


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