Saturday, February 23, 2008

Blah Blah Blah

This morning didn't start out well. Some people just tire me with the way that they just love to complicate life.

Later I got out to the fabric store and picked up some thread to quilt the stars on the vase of flowers quilt. I haven't gotten around to actually quilting it today, but tomorrow looks promising. Pete went with me to the store and was excited to find canned air on sale for less than $4 a can. At least he wasn't completely bored.

I'm still eyeing the artist paintstiks and texture plates they have there on clearance but the set of 6 paints anywhere else is $35 or 40. Still steep for my budget to pick up a couple of packs and a few texture plates even at 40% off. Fortunately there must be a lot of others who feel the same way because they have been moved to the back of the store in an obscure location and there are just as many there now as there were a month ago. Hopefully I will be rewarded for my patience.

While I was surfing blogs, I found one called sew in love. Elisabeth does beautiful work but poor thing has been under the weather. She has the most beautiful sewing boxes, both inside and out - I like how she has filled them and I like the boxes themselves. So now I have a new mission... I need a couple of boxes like this for myself. Maybe one cantilevered box like hers for my machine sewing suplies and a tall freestanding chest for holding my handwork embellishments and fibers. Of course this means I get to shop garage sales and flea markets - hooray!

So all in all, today I have neglected my house and my sewing and spent the day websurfing and watching movies. A real veg out day. Maybe I will become motivated enough to load the dishwasher (I think I will need to unload it first) and get some of the blanket stitching done on my tropical flowers WIP.


Elisabeth Braun said...

Aww, thanks Hun! Nice to meet you, btw.=)

I just have the one cantilever box and we got it from the LNS. It was £75 to start with, but as one of the cantilever bits was broken, DH asked for a discount and got 20% off. He then made the quick and simple repair when we got home!!! It's great to have married such a handy man, I can tell you!!

My other box is one of those craft tote things with lots of special boxes inside and about 7 pockets around the outside. I also have a smaller bag, which now holds the 'surplus' GAST and WDW!! I need a really good sort-out, but it'll be a couple of months before I can do too much.

But yup, a well-organised workbox is a real help when you're in the creative swing. It's so much easier to get on with an innovative project if you have all your stuff to hand, you know where it is and you can find it fast. Good hunting!

Also, go for it with the thread painting. Don't make the mistake I did and start with something as ambitious as that dog portrait you can see in my blog header!! I've just bought 2 books of thread painting/silk shading, so watch my blog for a quick review of them, when they arrive from Amazon, and some work from them in the months to come.

Trans-Atlantic greetings,


Jennifer said...

Elisabeth you are very lucky to have a handy DH.

I know it may take some time to find the boxes I want, but I think that is the fun of it - the challenge of finding what I want at the price I am willing to pay. And in the end I have a spectacular way to store my supplies.


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