Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today's a bust

Today has been a sewing bust. I didn't get any sewing done whatsoever.

So what did I do? Well I did some cleaning. We went to lunch. We went grocery shopping for just a few things (and spent $75 - how DOES that happen?). I cleaned up the backyard from the boat building crap that he never bothered to clean up despite having several opportunities. I am sure our new neighbors think we must be rednecks because Pete is always leaving garbage all over our yard and never bothers to put any of the yard stuff away.

There is more cleaning to be done. I got the bathroom taken care of and most of the bedroom (have to put sheets on the bed). I straightened up the kitchen but I need to put the non-perishable groceries away. I also need to do a bit of straightening in the hobby room. I am thinking that room needs major overhaul including rearranging furniture. And of course I have a giant mess of stuff that I brought in from the garage that needs to be cleaned up and put away properly.

Oh and I am also finally getting around to working on putting all of our music onto the hard drive of the computer so that I can load more stuff onto my MP3 player.



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