Thursday, January 24, 2008

Kudos to "Life's A Stitch"

I have to put in a glowing review for an online store that I recently purchased some quilting items from.

I had been looking for the panel fabric from Mark Lipinski's Katmandu line by Troy for an activity for the Algonquin Quilters' Guild . The Troy website listed a number of locations that carried all 44 different fabrics from the Katmandu line. I did a little research and found that although the panel was listed as only 24 inches wide, most of the stores were selling the panels for $6.50 to $7.00 each! That's $9.75 to $10.50 a yard! Life's a Stitch listed all the fabric in the line at $4.25 a half yard, including the panels.

So I called Life's a Stitch in Connecticut on Monday night. I needed 8 panels and didn't know how to enter my order correctly because the order form wanted yardage. I received a return call on Tuesday morning but alas, I was not available at the time. Pete took a message. Karen told him that I could call as late as 10 PM eastern! I returned her call in the early afternoon and she answered very quickly.

Karen was very accommodating and personable. We discussed my needs, the intention of the fabric and we even got to talking about spouses and children a little. I asked that she fax a receipt to me so that I could get reimbursed at my Thursday guild meeting. Although she was unable to fax a receipt to me and I could not place my order online (because of the panel yardage thing), she agreed to send a receipt via post that afternoon.

I was floored when I went to the mailbox on Thursday morning and found that I had not received a receipt but that the fabric itself had arrived in only 36 hours via USPS priority mail! To make the experience even better, Life's a Stitch's shipping policy is to charge for only the actual shipping costs via the most economical shipping method that is readily available. She even said that if they can get it in a flat rate envelope, they will certainly try to do so.

So thank you, Karen, for being so helpful. I received my reimbursement at my guild meeting this evening and everyone is looking forward to our embellishment demo next month.


-h. said...

Hi - just a quick note to say that I love your quilts! You're so creative - I can't sew to save my life. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your quilts. You are very talented!

Eva in Norway :-)


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