Thursday, January 31, 2008

Big sale at Hancock Fabrics

I went up to Hancock Fabrics to get some white thread. I wanted to use it to quilt the tulip quilt fence (in the ditch). While I was there, they were having a good sale. Lots of stuff 50% off (of course thread won't be 50% off until Sunday and I need it today!) and bunches of new stuff on clearance.

They had put the paint sticks and texture plates on clearance at 30% off. They also had this nifty fishing flannel at 50% off. I don't think that is a good enough price for the paintstiks yet for me to run out and get all the stuff for painting fabric. The flannel was still $3.50 a yard after the sale. When the paintstiks go to 50% off and the flannel is $2 a yard, I will reconsider.

I did however get some reading glasses at 80% off. They were $2.40 a pair, so I got two pair. I have used them to make my quilt appear larger when I am quilting and boy does it make a huge difference! I wish I had gotten the glasses sooner!



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